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RFD-TV Takes a Fresh Look at CommonGround’s Fresh Look
USAgNet - 05/20/2022

CommonGround continues to open the farm gate and bring together the women who grow and raise our food with those who buy it. After 12 years, the program’s fresh look reflects the amazing, timely conversations being had today.

Sara Ross, a farmer from Iowa who is also one of the fifteen founding CommonGround volunteers, recently spoke with RFD-TV’s Suzanne Alexander about the program’s purpose, history and evolution. Having grown along with the program, she shared her perspective as a volunteer and celebrated the growth and accomplishments of the women who make this grassroots program so impactful.

“80% of U.S. women make the household grocery shopping decisions,” said Ross. “They have important questions about what to buy in the store, what to feed their family to keep them safe and healthy. As women farmers, we connect with these women. We have the same values and share similar life experiences. We want the women purchasing food in the grocery store to be able to connect with the women who grow it so they can feel confident.

“We care about our families. We want to keep them healthy and safe. Through CommonGround, we continue to reach out to grow trust and share the incredible story American ag has to tell.”

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