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Brazil greenlights Beijing Dabeinong's herbicide-tolerant soybeans
USAgNet - 11/30/2023

Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co Ltd recently achieved a milestone in Brazil's agricultural sector. The Chinese biotech giant secured Brazil's nod for its genetically-modified, herbicide-tolerant soybean, known as DBN9004. This development follows a comprehensive safety evaluation, heralding a new era in soybean cultivation in South America.

DBN9004 is engineered to withstand the effects of glyphosate and glufosinate-ammonium herbicides. This feature is particularly crucial in managing the persistent issue of weed control in South American soybean production. The approval of DBN9004 is a strategic move by Beijing Dabeinong, marking its first soybean product licensed for cultivation in Brazil. The company's aspirations for expansion into the Brazilian market gain momentum with this achievement.

Beijing Dabeinong's presence in South America isn't a new endeavor. The company made a significant leap in 2022 when Argentina approved its genetically-modified insect-resistant soybeans. This pattern of success illustrates Beijing Dabeinong's growing influence in the global agricultural biotechnology sector, particularly in South America.

Brazil's endorsement of DBN9004 opens avenues for advanced agricultural practices, potentially transforming soybean production efficiency and sustainability. The approval also signifies a strengthening bond between China and South American countries in agricultural technology and trade, showcasing an international effort to enhance crop production and food security.

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