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USDA reports decline in 2023 farm income
USAgNet - 12/01/2023

The November Farm Income Forecast from the USDA indicates a notable decrease in farm income compared to the previous year. Originally predicted in August to be a 23% decrease, amounting to a $41 billion reduction, the updated November forecast adjusts this figure to a 17% drop, or $31.8 billion less.

This brings the total net farm income for 2023 to an estimated $151 billion, showing a slight improvement from the $141 billion previously forecasted in August.

The revision in the forecasted income drop is largely due to lower production expenses than initially estimated. However, there’s still an expected increase of $14.9 billion, about 4%, in production expenses for farmers. This is 7% lower than the August projections.

Key areas like fertilizer, pesticides, and seeds are expected to cost less than previously thought, while costs for electricity, fuels, oils, and interest expenses are predicted to rise, placing additional financial burdens on farmers.

The report presents a mixed outlook for the agricultural sector, balancing reduced production costs against increased expenses in specific categories.

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