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New biocontrol tech to aid farmers

New biocontrol tech to aid farmers

By Jamie Martin

Nutrien Ag Solutions recently acquired biocontrol technology from Suncor Energy. This acquisition aligns with their strategy to invest in innovative and effective biocontrol solutions. The new technology utilizes chlorin-based photosensitizers for integrated pest management (IPM) in agriculture.

This biocontrol tool offers several advantages. Research suggests it can compete with traditional synthetic pesticides in terms of effectiveness, stability, and cost. Additionally, it provides a new mode of action, potentially reducing pest resistance concerns.

"We're excited to develop this technology and offer farmers a broader range of solutions to maximize yields," says Casey McDaniel, Vice President of Loveland Products.

Nutrien Ag Solutions plans to market these biocontrol products through their Loveland Products brand. They anticipate launching the technology in select global markets by 2025, with submissions to the U.S. EPA expected by 2026.

This acquisition signifies Nutrien Ag Solutions' commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. Biocontrol technology offers farmers a viable alternative to traditional pesticides, potentially reducing reliance on chemical solutions.

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