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Colyer Meets with Israeli Minister of Agriculture
Kansas Ag Connection - 04/13/2018

Governor Colyer met with Israeli Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel in his office at the State Capitol. Colyer and Ariel spoke at length about agricultural issues, water conservation, and the importance of cooperation between our two lands.

"Kansas and Israel have always maintained a great trade partnership and an enduring friendship" said the Governor. "We look forward to working with our Israeli partners for years to come." Colyer also spoke about legislation that was recently passed by the Kansas legislature which prevents the state government from contracting with companies that are boycotting the state of Israel. "I don't believe Kansas should be in the business of boycotting a major trading partner, longtime friend, and ally."

Minister Ariel commented "Many of my colleagues have understood the map of the USA to be centered around major cities like Washington, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. I have understood that the challenges of climate and water and food protection and production is bringing back in centrality the importance of America's heartland as well as Israel's opportunity for new and stronger cooperation with America's via her leading agriculture states."

The Governor also noted that the meeting took on special significance as it was the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day. "In my years serving in warzones I have seen man's inhumanity to man up close. We are reminded today that we must maintain constant vigilance against the kind of hate that begets such atrocities."

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