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K-State Kitchen Guide Highlights Successful Substitutions
Kansas Ag Connection - 08/09/2012

A recently updated K-State Research and Extension publication features alphabetical listings for substitutions for more than 100 recipe ingredients.

"Ingredient Substitutions" includes recommended stand-ins for essential items -- baking powder, condiments, spices, or dairy products -- that may be missing from the cupboard.

"Ingredients typically fulfill specific roles in recipes," said Karen Blakeslee, the K-State Research and Extension food scientist who recently updated the kitchen guide. "While some results may vary in color or texture, recommended substitutions are typically successful stand-ins and will yield an acceptable product."

Examples of recommended substitutions:

-- Use all-purpose flour or granulated tapioca to replace cornstarch as a thickening agent.

-- Substitute plain yogurt or sour milk blended with butter or margarine for sour cream.

Suggested substitutions also provide simple recipes, such as combining tomato sauce, brown sugar, vinegar, ground cinnamon, cloves and allspice for chili sauce, or blending molasses with granulated sugar as a substitution for brown sugar.

To view and download the kitchen guide, go to the K-State Research and Extension Bookstore/Library at:

A four-page, three-hole punched folder version of the publication (L730 Ingredient Substitutions Chart) is available at local K-State Research and Extension offices or can be purchased for 70 cents from the K-State Research and Extension Bookstore at:

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