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Kansas Gears Up for Promising Wheat Planting Season
Kansas Ag Connection - 09/15/2023

As fall approaches, Kansas is buzzing with wheat planting activities. Recent USDA stats highlight a four percent completion rate as of September 10, 2023, mirroring the pace of previous years, signaling a return to normalcy for farmers.

Last year's wheat planting season in Kansas was disrupted by delays, impacting the harvest schedule. This year, the deeper ground layers remain moist, determining when and where farmers plant. Some farmers wait for ideal September rain, while others start if there's a hint of upcoming showers. This moisture is crucial for a promising harvest next year.

Moisture isn't the only concern. It's essential for farmers to manage volunteer wheat and weeds to ensure a good yield. After all, unchecked weeds sap the moisture needed for the crops. Research from K-State highlights methods like occasional tillage every few years to tackle stubborn weeds.

Farmers have been adapting, especially during challenging conditions like droughts in recent years. These adaptations can range from light tillage to diverse chemical applications, each tailored to specific field needs. Some, venturing into organic wheat, adopt more innovative strategies. But all these techniques share a common goal: a cleaner and healthier field.

Wheat doesn’t just promise immediate returns; it also plays a foundational role for future crops. A well-maintained wheat field is an ideal seedbed for summer crops the following year.

As tractors roll across Kansas, the wheat community, including experienced producers like Linin, is filled with hope and enthusiasm for the forthcoming season. They anticipate not just a fruitful harvest but also a season that strengthens their crop rotations for years to come.

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