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Tips for successful cattle breeding season

Tips for successful cattle breeding season

By Scout Nelson

With the onset of summer, the breeding season for cattle begins, presenting an opportunity and a challenge for producers to maintain the health and productivity of their herds.

Experts from Kansas State University’s Beef Cattle Institute shared valuable insights on the recent Cattle Chat podcast to enhance breeding success during this critical period.

According to K-State veterinarian Bob Larson, even though cattle are grazing in pastures, daily checks are crucial to identify any injuries, especially in bulls which are prone to foot injuries in uneven terrains and breeding-related injuries.

Brian Lubbers, another K-State veterinarian, emphasized the importance of disease monitoring. Conditions such as pinkeye are common due to increased fly activity and cattle grazing in tall grasses.

Ensuring general health and monitoring for injuries and diseases in bulls is critical as their ability to breed affects the entire herd.

Maintaining the cattle’s body condition during this active period is essential. Bob Larson noted that young bulls might need their pasture time limited initially to prevent excessive body condition loss, which can impact their fertility.

K-State beef cattle nutritionist Philip Lancaster suggested that producers might need to supplement cattle diets. Implementing a rotational grazing system and adjusting stocking density are practical approaches to help maintain body condition.

Lancaster also highlighted the significance of mineral supplementation during the breeding season. Monitoring mineral intake ensures cattle receive essential nutrients for optimal health and reproductive success.

These comprehensive strategies provided by K-State experts aim to equip producers with the knowledge to manage their herds effectively during the breeding season, promoting both animal welfare and farm productivity.

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