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USDA prioritizes equity in agriculture at regional convening

USDA prioritizes equity in agriculture at regional convening

By Jamie Martin

At the third Regional Equity Convening held in Albany, Georgia, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack and other top officials highlighted ongoing efforts to promote equity within agricultural and rural sectors.

Hosted at the Sherrod Institute during its annual Farm Field Day, the event attracted regional leaders and stakeholders who discussed the implementation of the Equity Commission's final recommendations.

The convening focused on enhancing access to USDA programs, adopting climate-smart agricultural practices, and expanding educational and economic opportunities across rural areas. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack emphasized the USDA’s commitment to creating a fairer agricultural sector by making resources more accessible and addressing historical inequities.

Participants of the event engaged in panel discussions and tours of the Sherrod Institute, gaining insights into innovative agricultural practices and discussing topics such as forestry, heirs’ property, and agrotourism. This gathering is part of a broader series of engagements initiated by the USDA to fulfill the President’s executive order on advancing racial equity.

The USDA has integrated the Equity Commission's recommendations into its updated Equity Action Plan to ensure comprehensive support and inclusion across its programs. This plan outlines strategic actions to reach underserved communities effectively and close the racial wealth gap in rural America.

Photo Credit: usda

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