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Kansas Forest Action Plan Approved for Implementation
Kansas Ag Connection - 11/18/2020

The Kansas Forest Service has received approval from the USDA Forest Service for the Kansas State Forest Action Plan.

"The Forest Action Plan provides KFS with the basis to guide our ongoing collaboration with landowners, local partners and state and federal agencies." said Jason Hartman, Kansas state forester.

This edition represents a full revision of the original KSFAP that was first published in 2010 and updated in 2015, Hartman said.

KFS forest and fire managers analyzed the condition and trends of in-state forest resources with input from partner agencies and the public to identify priority areas where the agency will focus efforts. This plan provides long-term, comprehensive strategies for directing resources to address threats and opportunities within priority landscape areas.

Through assessment and planning, KFS identified seven forest resource issues. They are:

- Wildfire risk.

- Loss of Kansas forestland.

- Sustaining water quality and quantity.

- Protecting and restoring forest biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

- Sustaining and protecting forest and agroforestry ecosystems.

- Maintaining and protecting the economic benefits of woodlands.

KSFAP is a requirement of the 2008 Farm Bill and an essential part of USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry. Each state is required to conduct an assessment of forest resource conditions, threats, and priorities to be eligible to receive funds under the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act which provides a significant level of funding for the agency.

"The KSFAP is one of the tools that we can use to make sure that the limited financial resources available to the KFS are going to be put towards the issues of greatest concern for the future of forest and natural resources in Kansas," Hartman said.

The public is encouraged to review the KSFAP online and to contact their local forester or fire manager for guidance on implementing practices on your property to address the issues with the greatest risk and promise for Kansas forests and woodlands.

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