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Garden Guide Tops Most-Read List of K-State Publications
Kansas Ag Connection - 06/29/2020

Digital downloads lean sharply toward gardening, local foods

American's blossoming interest in gardening and buying local foods is reflected in the publications that they are accessing through the K-State Research and Extension bookstore.

In May, the three publications downloaded most often include the Kansas Garden Guide (7,626 downloads), Food Safety for Kansas Farmers Market Vendors (2,389) and the Vegetable Garden Planting Guide (2,046).

All three publications are available for free online. Together, they were downloaded 12,061 times in May, better than one-third of the more than 31,500 downloads of the top 25 publications during the month.

There are more than 1,700 publications available online from the bookstore, according to the organization's publishing manager, Mark Stadtlander. The topics covered include agriculture, food safety, family resources, child development, 4-H, natural resources, gardening and more.

The Kansas Garden Guide, originally created in 1993 and revised in 2010, has long been a favorite. It contains information on growing vegetables and herbs as it relates to soil, compost, seeding, watering, pest control, container gardening, extending the season, harvesting and storing. The 80-page publication is printed in color.

The rest of the top 10 publications viewed online in May, with the number of downloads, include:

- Planning cattle feedlots (1,995)

- Chemical Weed Control (1,693)

- Kansas Crop Planting Guide (1,302)

- Designing a Bud Box for Cattle Handling (1,072)

- Market Goat Showmanship from Start to Finish (1,026)

- Spring Freeze Injury to Kansas Wheat (953)

- Preserving Flowers and Decorative Foliages with Glycerin (887)

All of those publications, and many others, are available for free online. The majority of publications available as digital downloads also are available in hard copy -- some at no cost, but most for a small charge.

For more information or to order publications, contact the K-State Research and Extension bookstore at 785-532-5830, or online at

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