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Kansas launches ag safety and health survey
Kansas Ag Connection - 02/12/2024

In response to the statistics concerning agricultural accidents in Kansas, Kansas State University's Kansas Agriculture Safety and Health program is initiating a comprehensive survey aimed at Kansas farmers and ranchers. This effort seeks to gather insights directly from those on the front lines of agriculture to inform the development of targeted safety and health programs.

Agriculture, while a cornerstone of Kansas' economy, poses unique risks to those involved. Common injuries in the sector include musculoskeletal issues, exposure to hazardous substances, and accidents related to machinery and livestock. Tragically, the state has seen fatalities across all age groups, highlighting the need for focused safety interventions.

Tawnie Larson, a project consultant for the program, emphasized the absence of a dedicated agriculture safety program in recent years and the necessity of understanding industry concerns to build effective support mechanisms. The upcoming survey represents a pivotal step towards identifying these concerns and shaping future safety and health programming.

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The insights gathered will inform K-State Research and Extension's program development and grant applications, ensuring resources are directed where they can make the most significant impact. The survey's findings aim to facilitate safer work environments, allowing Kansas' farmers and ranchers to continue their vital work with reduced risk.

Farmers and ranchers are encouraged to participate in the 10-minute survey, contributing to a broader initiative to make Kansas agriculture healthier and safer. This collaborative approach underscores the shared commitment to preserving the well-being of the state's agricultural workforce, ensuring they can thrive in their chosen professions for years to come.

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