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Raw milk sales rise despite bird flu outbreak and health risks

Raw milk sales rise despite bird flu outbreak and health risks

By Jamie Martin

Sales of raw milk, a product unpasteurized and potentially harboring harmful bacteria, are on the rise in the US. This trend comes despite warnings from health officials and a recent bird flu outbreak affecting dairy cows.

Data shows a 21% increase in raw milk sales since March, coinciding with the bird flu outbreak's detection in US cattle. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly advises against consuming raw milk, citing numerous documented illnesses. Pasteurization, a heat treatment process, eliminates harmful bacteria.

While some raw milk proponents believe it offers health benefits, experts warn of the dangers. Studies show raw milk is far more likely to cause illnesses compared to pasteurized milk.

The rise in raw milk consumption is concerning to food safety experts. They emphasize the importance of pasteurization in reducing foodborne illnesses.

Despite the risks, a small percentage of Americans regularly consume raw milk. Some consumers distrust conventional milk production and believe raw milk offers superior health benefits.

Public health officials recommend consuming pasteurized milk products to avoid the risks associated with raw milk. Educational campaigns are needed to address consumer misconceptions and emphasize the safety of pasteurized milk.

Photo Credit: istock-cagkansayin

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