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FAO Votes to Include Sorghum in 'International Year of the Millet'
Kansas Ag Connection - 11/28/2022

The International Year of Millets and Sorghum will be a unique opportunity to galvanize resources and increase sustainable global production, post-harvest processing, marketing and consumption by promoting millets and sorghum as a key component of the food basket.

Nebraska Sorghum Executive Director Nate Blum commented, "Nebraska Sorghum commends the United Nations FAO on the inclusion of sorghum in the 'International Year of the Millet.' This is a big deal for the already-growing sorghum industry. An example of the power of the 'International Year' promotions can be seen in 2013's 'International Year of Quinoa.' Prior to the FAO's effort to promote this small South American grain, a majority of consumers were unaware of the Resource Conserving Crop. We anticipate that the 'International Year of the Millet' will result in similar market growth and awareness for sorghum and millets."

The International Year aims to (i) elevate awareness of the contribution of millets and sorghum for food security and nutrition (ii) inspire stakeholders on improving sustainable production and quality of millets and sorghum; and (iii) draw focus for enhanced investment in research and development and extension services to achieve the other two aims.

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