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Kansas Cotton Forecast at Record Production
Kansas Ag Connection - 09/13/2017

Based on September 1 conditions, Kansas's 2017 corn production is forecast at 665 million bushels, down 5 percent from last year's production, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Area to be harvested for grain, at 5.0 million acres, is up 2 percent from a year ago. Yield is forecast at 133 bushels per acre, down 9 bushels from last year.

Sorghum for grain in Kansas is forecast at 196 million bushels, down 27 percent from 2016. Area for harvest, at 2.45 million acres, is down 17 percent from last year. Yield is forecast at 80 bushels per acre, down 11 bushels from last year.

Soybean production is a record forecast at 202 million bushels, up 5 percent from last year. Area for harvest, at 4.70 million acres, is 17 percent above 2016. Yield is forecast at 43 bushels per acre, down 5 bushels from last year.

Cotton production is a record forecast at 205,000 bales, up 189 percent from last year. Acreage for harvest, at 91,000 acres, is up 60,000 acres from 2016. Yield is forecast at 1,081 pounds per acre, down 18 pounds per acre from a year ago.

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