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Grain Growers Prepare for Kansas Commodity Commissions Election
Kansas Ag Connection - 09/14/2023

Western Kansas is buzzing with preparations for the 2024 grain commodity commissions election. Grain growers in this region eyeing a seat on one of the state’s commissions, including corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, wheat, or sunflowers, need to be proactive. The November 30, 2023, deadline for filing is approaching.

The upcoming election focuses on three key districts:

1. District I cover counties like Cheyenne, Decatur, and Graham among others.

2. District II spans from Gove to Wichita counties.

3. District III ranges from Clark to Stevens counties.

To qualify, candidates should have hands-on experience growing the specific grain in the past five years. They must represent the district where they primarily live.

Securing a place on the 2024 ballot requires candidates to collect 20 signatures from fellow growers. There’s a catch: only five signatures from a single county count towards this tally. Eligible signatories should be Kansas residents, at least 18 years old by election time, and involved in grain cultivation over the past three years.

Filing these petitions offers flexibility. Growers can choose the traditional paper method or opt for online portal. Those preferring the online mode will get a unique URL to share with signatories.

For additional details or paper candidate packs, reach out to the Kansas Department of Agriculture or the respective grain commodity commissions at:

• Kansas Department of Agriculture

Contact: 785-564-6726

• Kansas Corn Commission

Contact: 785-410-5009 or com/kcc/

• Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission

Contact: 785-477-9474 or org/commission/

• Kansas Soybean Commission

Contact: 785-271-1040 or org/about-the-commission/

• Kansas Sunflower Commission

Contact: 785-452-1519 or

• Kansas Wheat Commission

Contact: 785-539-0255 or com/about/kansas-wheat-commission

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