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Ron Suppes hands over wheat council chairmanship

Ron Suppes hands over wheat council chairmanship

By Scout Nelson

Ron Suppes, a seasoned Kansas farmer, has recently concluded his term as chairman of the Wheat Foods Council (WFC). His tenure ended just before the wheat harvest, marking a significant transition during the council's annual summer meeting in Manhattan, Kansas.

Throughout his leadership, Suppes engaged with various sectors within the grain industry, from pizza nutritionists to university chefs, promoting a comprehensive understanding of wheat production.

The meeting attracted around 30 WFC members who visited notable facilities like the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center and the Hal Ross Flour Mill. These visits were part of the council's ongoing efforts to highlight advancements in wheat breeding and genetics, showcasing the depth of the industry’s innovations.

Suppes, who began his role in June 2023, has been a vocal advocate for connecting different segments of the wheat value chain. His family, including his wife Shirley and son Shayne, manages about 12,000 acres in west-central Kansas, primarily growing wheat and sorghum.

His extensive experience, including his role on the U.S. Wheat Associates Board of Directors, has shaped his approach to industry leadership, emphasizing education and collaborative growth.

With his term now over, Suppes passed the leadership baton to Kent Juliot of Ardent Mills, reflecting on his time with pride and planning to remain involved as past chairman. While he anticipates enjoying some downtime, he remains committed to wheat farming and participating in industry and government committees, ensuring his continued influence in the sector.

Photo Credit -pexels-fauxels

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