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Drive safe near Kansas harvest equipment

Drive safe near Kansas harvest equipment

By Scout Nelson

The Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) is calling on drivers to exercise increased caution on roads during the busy wheat harvest season. With the influx of farm vehicles like tractors and combines, roads become hazardous zones that demand attentive driving.

Captain Candice Breshears of the Kansas Highway Patrol stressed the importance of road safety during this time.

“With wheat harvest season beginning, you’ll see heavy farm implement and truck traffic moving in and out of Kansas wheat fields and on to Kansas roadways. It’s important to remember that traveling around these vehicles requires extra caution. By taking your time and giving farm and heavy equipment plenty of room on the roadways, you can help ensure that yourself, your loved ones, and our Kansas farmers all make it home safely,” she said.

Farm equipment typically travels at 15-25 mph and is often wider than a traffic lane, necessitating additional space for safe coexistence on the road. Special care is needed particularly on rural roads that feature unmarked intersections.

Safety Tips:

  • Visibility and Awareness: Do not assume that the farmer can see you. It's crucial to ensure you are visible and pass only when it is safe, without obstructing views on curves or hills.
  • Understanding Signals: Be aware that when farm equipment pulls right, it may be preparing for a wide left turn rather than allowing you to pass.
  • Patience is Key: Be patient and avoid risky maneuvers. Farm vehicles cannot always pull over safely due to soft or wet shoulders that may cause them to tip.
  • Recognize Slow-Moving Vehicle Emblems: Adjust your speed immediately when you see a slow-moving vehicle emblem. These are critical warnings to reduce speed well in advance.
  • Stay Focused: Keeping your full attention on the road is vital, particularly when following or passing slow-moving vehicles.

Adhering to these guidelines will ensure safer travel for everyone during harvest season in Kansas.

Photo Credit -pexels-song-kaiyue

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