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Kansas corn crowns new Ag leaders

Kansas corn crowns new Ag leaders

By Scout Nelson

The Kansas Corn Symposium celebrated the graduation of the sixth class from the Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy, a program aimed at engaging college students in the corn industry and preparing them for future agricultural endeavors, in collaboration with the Kansas Corn Growers Association and Kansas Corn Commission.

Participants in a program explored critical topics like ethanol production, livestock integration, international trade, policy making, agronomy, conservation, and consumer engagement. They visited Kansas sites and attended the NCGA's Corn Congress in Washington D.C., exploring diverse farming practices.

Upon completing a comprehensive capstone project, each student was awarded a scholarship from Kansas Corn, marking their readiness to contribute to the agricultural sector with their newfound knowledge and perspectives.

The Collegiate Academy is open to students from all majors enrolled in 2-year or 4-year post-secondary schools in Kansas. With the seventh class currently in progress, Kansas Corn is already preparing for the next group of aspiring ag leaders, with applications for Class 8 opening in fall 2024.

Collegiate Academy Class 6 Graduates:

  • Kaitlyn Butler, Junction City, Kansas State University
  • Cody Dahl, Courtland, Kansas State University
  • Weston Guetterman, Bucyrus, Kansas State University
  • Abby Johnson, Salina, Kansas State University
  • Molly McClure, Hugoton, Kansas State University
  • Piper Schlatter, Hutchinson, Kansas State University
  • Monica Short, Geneseo, Kansas State University
  • Liberty Thompson, Elkton, SD, Kansas State University
  • Baylee Wulfkuhle, Lawrence, Kansas State University

Congratulations to these bright, new agricultural leaders, ready to make their mark in the industry.

Photo Credit - gettyimages-dale-fornoff

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