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Kansas farmers enjoy favorable condition for fieldwork

Kansas farmers enjoy favorable condition for fieldwork

By Scout Nelson

For the week ending May 12, 2024, Kansas farmers enjoyed favorable conditions for fieldwork, with 5.0 days suitable for agricultural activities.

According to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service, topsoil moisture supplies were reported at 20% very short, 26% short, 43% adequate, and 11% surplus.

Subsoil moisture supplies followed a similar pattern, with 22% very short, 30% short, 43% adequate, and 5% surplus.

The condition of winter wheat in Kansas varied across different categories. Overall, 13% were rated as very poor, 22% as poor, 34% as fair, 28% as good, and 3% as excellent.

Winter wheat jointing was at 97%, surpassing the progress seen last year (84%) and the five-year average of 89%. Headed wheat was reported at 73%, significantly ahead of last year's 48% and the average (43%). Only 1% of the wheat was reported as coloring.

Corn planting progress reached 61%, slightly ahead of last year's figure (57%) and the average 56%. Emerged corn was reported at 41%, surpassing both last year'sar (31%) and the average 29%.

Soybean planting stood at 33%, trailing behind last year's pace of 38% but ahead of the average 26%. Soybeans emerged at 13%, in line with last year's figure 14% and ahead of the average 7%.

Sorghum planting was at 7%, matching last year's progress and slightly ahead of the average 4%. Cotton planting progress stood at 18%, lagging last year's figure 26% but close to the average 20%.

Sunflower planting reached 4%, showing improvement compared to last year 1% and the average 3%.

Pasture and range conditions in Kansas varied across regions, with 8% rated as very poor, 18% as poor, 35% as fair, 34% as good, and 5% as excellent.

The Kansas crop update for May 12, 2024, reflects a mixed picture of crop conditions, with progress in planting and emergence across various crops.

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