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Boosting Kansas through green energy initiatives

Boosting Kansas through green energy initiatives

By Scout Nelson

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development in Kansas, under the leadership of State Director Christy Davis, has announced a generous investment totaling $1,809,677.

This funding is aimed at various renewable energy and energy efficiency projects across the state, intended to reduce costs, generate income, and create jobs for the farming and rural business communities.

The projects benefiting from this investment span a diverse range of initiatives. From solar array installations at Concrete Service Co. Inc. in Barton and Ellis counties to energy-efficient improvements at Niece Products of Kansas Inc in Fort Scott, the funded projects are set to make significant impacts.

For example, the installation of solar panels for Route 66 Hardware in Baxter Springs and American Bank in Baxter Springs and Galena, along with multiple other businesses and farms, showcases the broad scope of this initiative.

Each project has been carefully selected to maximize energy savings and sustainability. For instance, solar arrays for Hi-Plain Farm Equipment in Dodge City and Blake Koehn, an agricultural producer in Grant County, highlight the emphasis on leveraging solar power to meet energy needs efficiently.

Grants allocated for wind turbine installation for St. Francis Feed Yard LLC in Sherman County underline the diverse renewable energy sources being embraced.

These investments are more than just financial boosts; they represent a commitment by the USDA to ensure rural Kansas thrives in the clean energy economy. According to Christy Davis, these efforts are geared towards expanding access to renewable energy, thereby saving money for communities and businesses while also creating good-paying jobs.

For additional details on these transformative projects and to learn more about future opportunities, interested parties are encouraged to contact Tamara Sukhova at

This initiative marks a step forward in environmental stewardship and bolsters the economic resilience of Kansas's agricultural and rural sectors.

Photo Credit -pexels-karolina-grabowska

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