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Growing recognition for Kansas farmers and ranchers

Growing recognition for Kansas farmers and ranchers

By Scout Nelson

Farmers and ranchers in Kansas are truly remarkable people. Often too humble to say it themselves, they deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication. Their work is essential for the survival of humanity—they grow food.

Colleagues in agriculture are often too busy working long hours, including up to seven days a week, to seek acknowledgment for their efforts. They wait for others to recognize their contributions, which is an admirable trait. So, speaking up on behalf of all of them is necessary.

Over the past five years, they have survived some of the worst weather and drought in recorded history, a pandemic, supply chain disruptions, increased costs for everything, and high interest rates.

Despite these challenges, they are still here, producing more food with fewer inputs and less land while protecting the air, soil, and water.

Their jobs will become even harder in the coming years as they will need to produce more food than ever before, with less land, and while improving the natural resources entrusted to them. This is a significant challenge. But they will do it, and they will do it better than anyone can imagine.

Farmers and ranchers have always stepped up to meet every challenge thrown their way. They are asked to do the impossible, and they succeed each time. That is something to be proud of.

They work tirelessly, never expecting recognition or accolades. It’s time to acknowledge the good work they do and let the world know how proud they are of the food they grow. It’s not bragging; it’s pride, and they should not be shy about sharing it.

This humble group needs to take a step back and recognize the impact their work has on the world. They feed a growing, hungry population. Nothing else can be accomplished if people are starving. The world needs them, whether they are realized or not.

While they do not do their jobs for recognition, it is important to reflect on all they have achieved.

The changes they have navigated are stunning, and they have done it with style and grace during some of the hardest times faced. This is something to acknowledge and take pride in.

So, during this busy season, take a minute to appreciate all that has been accomplished on farms and ranches. They rightfully are and should be proud of what they do. In their own way, a hungry world recognizes this.

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