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High school students gain leadership skills in animal scienc

High school students gain leadership skills in animal scienc

By Scout Nelson

In early June, twenty high school students gathered at Kansas State University to enhance their knowledge of the livestock industry and develop their leadership skills.

These students were part of the annual K-State Animal Sciences Leadership Academy (KASLA), held from June 5-8 in Manhattan, Kansas.

Hosted by the K-State Department of Animal Sciences and Industry and sponsored by the Livestock and Meat Industry Council, the academy aims to cultivate young leaders in the livestock sector and prepare them for successful careers.

This year's cohort included students from various locations: Dustin Denton from Blue Rapids; Anna Doyon from Wichita; Clay Guttery from Alton; Brady Hoffman from Derby; Claire Janssen from Amber, Oklahoma; Alexandria Kester from Hoyt; Walker Koons from Meade; Maddy Krueger from Bennington; Josie Kueser from Ellsworth; Erin Livingston from Ottawa; Cameron Madsen from Kansas City; Isom Marston from Canton; Will Meinhardt from Onaga; Abe Noll from Winchester; Ashley Peters from Lehigh; Joe Schohr from Oroville, California; Reygan Schrock from Brookville; Madison Seyb from Johnson; Ariana Vogel from Galesburg; and Genayla Warnken from Manhattan.

Throughout the academy, students engaged in interactive leadership development and educational lab sessions led by K-State faculty.

They participated in a day of livestock industry tours, visiting the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Hildebrand Farms Dairy, Kansas Livestock Association, Bichelmeyer Meats, and the American Royal.

The day concluded with a panel discussion featuring Kansas City area alumni of the Animal Sciences and Industry program, followed by evening entertainment.

Students also toured university farms and K-State facilities, completing their college experience by staying on campus in Ford Hall.

For their final project, participants were divided into groups to focus on current issues affecting the livestock industry. Each group, mentored by K-State faculty, presented their findings during a closing reception.

Approximately 75 family members, friends, and K-State community members attended the reception to honor the graduates and hear their presentations on important livestock issues.

The event highlighted the students' growth and the valuable insights they gained throughout the week.

The K-State Animal Sciences Leadership Academy continues to play a crucial role in developing the next generation of leaders in the livestock industry, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful future.

Photo Credit: kansas-state-university

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