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Join the 60th national corn yield contest today

Join the 60th national corn yield contest today

By Scout Nelson

Celebrating an exciting milestone, Kansas Corn collaborates with the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) to kick off the 60th annual National Corn Yield Contest. This contest not only tests the skills and innovations of corn growers nationwide but also partners with the Kansas Corn Yield Contest to honor local farming achievements.

When Kansas growers enter the National Corn Yield Contest (NCYC), they automatically participate in the state contest as well. Emily Koop, Kansas Corn Director of Growers Services, highlights this dual participation: “The Kansas Corn Yield Contest is linked to the national contest, allowing growers to submit one registration and one harvest form for both the national and state contests.”

The contests shine a spotlight on advanced farming techniques and celebrate those who achieve high yields. In the national contest, a special highlight is the Nitrogen Management Class, Class J, which focuses on innovative fertilizer management. Kansas' own Francis Kelsey from Shawnee County made a notable placement in this category last year.

Interested growers can register at, with an early entry rate available until June 30, 2024. Entries remain open at the standard rate until August 14, and all harvest forms must be submitted by November 30. Many seed companies offer to cover entry and membership fees through the NCYC voucher program.

In Kansas, cash prizes and accolades await contestants in ten districts for both irrigated and non-irrigated categories, culminating in awards at the Kansas Corn Symposium in January 2025. Similarly, national winners will gain recognition in industry publications and receive awards at the 2025 Commodity Classic in Denver.

For more details and to enter the contests, visit Kansas Corn Yield Contest Information.

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