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K-state sweeps meat animal evaluation contest

K-state sweeps meat animal evaluation contest

By Scout Nelson

Kansas State University continued its impressive performance streak with a fourth consecutive victory at the national Meat Animal Evaluation contest held in Laramie, Wyoming. The team's outstanding achievement was highlighted by a commanding win with more than 300 points over their closest competitor, Oklahoma State University.

Kyla Mennen from Logansport, Indiana, led the charge for K-State, finishing first overall and propelling a 1-5 sweep in the individual standings.

Following Mennen were teammates Cole Murphy from Houstonia, Missouri; Sadie Marchiano from Fort Scott, Kansas; Bailey Lavender from Branford, Florida; and Sam Stickley from St. Paris, Ohio.

Logan Buhrman also placed impressively, securing the eighth spot and contributing to K-State's dominance with six of the top 10 individual finishes.

As a team, K-State excelled across several divisions, clinching the top spot in beef, breeding, market, meats, and swine, while also performing well in sheep and communications.

“The meat animal evaluation contest is the most comprehensive test of students’ knowledge of the factors that impact production of meat from livestock,” noted Mike Day, head of K-State’s Department of Animal Sciences.

Mike Day also emphasized the significance of the contest as a capstone experience that integrates students' knowledge, education, and training in a competitive environment. He remarked on the importance of understanding how genetics and management affect a product's value, stating, "It is crucial to economic efficiency and sustainability of meat production."

The coaching team for K-State, comprised of faculty members Travis O’Quinn, Chris Mullinix, and Payton Dahmer, guided 26 students in this year's team. Their leadership was pivotal in securing the victory and maintaining the university's strong presence in the competition.

Mennen excelled in the swine division and secured the top six finishes in beef, meats, market, sheep, and breeding. Murphy, placing second overall, won first in beef and market, with top-five finishes in breeding, sheep, and swine, showcasing the depth of talent and dedication among the K-State competitors.

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