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Kaden Weltmer awarded herb clutter Ag scholarship

Kaden Weltmer awarded herb clutter Ag scholarship

By Scout Nelson

The Kansas Association of Wheat Growers has awarded the Herb Clutter Memorial Scholarship to Kaden Weltmer, recognizing his profound commitment to agriculture and his plan to study at Kansas State University.

The scholarship celebrates young individuals dedicated to advancing the agricultural sector, mirroring the commitment shown by its namesake, Herb Clutter, a pivotal figure in Kansas wheat advocacy.

From a young age, Kaden expressed a deep connection to farming, often stating that he knew he wanted to farm long before his peers decided on their futures. His agricultural journey began early, with memories of riding a tractor with his father as a defining part of his childhood.

Kaden, a senior at a high school in Smith Center, Kansas, actively participates in his family's diverse farming operation, which includes crops like wheat and corn, and livestock such as cattle and goats. Demonstrating initiative, he has also begun managing his own agricultural land, leased from his grandfather.

His academic and extracurricular achievements include significant involvement in 4-H and FFA, where he has showcased his skills and knowledge nationally. One of his notable projects, an agriscience study on soil nutrient stratification, earned him second place at a national FFA competition.

Looking forward, Kaden plans to attend Kansas State University to dual major in agronomy and animal science, aiming to blend his practical experience with academic expertise. After college, he intends to return to Smith County to contribute to his family's operation and potentially launch an agronomy business specializing in custom soil sampling and drone technology.

His ambitions reflect a deep-seated desire to innovate within the agricultural sector, ensuring sustainability and strengthening his local community through his passion and expertise. This aligns well with the legacy of Herb Clutter, whose efforts have long supported Kansas farmers in producing top-quality agricultural products efficiently and cost-effectively.

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