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Kansas beef certificate program enhances student learning

Kansas beef certificate program enhances student learning

By Scout Nelson

The Kansas Beef Council (KBC) has significantly influenced culinary education through its Beef Certificate Program this school year. Over 137 schools across 48 counties have integrated high-quality beef into their family and consumer sciences as well as ProStart classes, thanks to this initiative.

Schools that participate in the program receive resource kits from KBC. These kits include educational posters and access to online lessons free of charge. The materials cover a range of topics such as beef cut selection, cooking techniques, nutritional information, and insights into cattle production.

An exciting highlight of the program was its sponsorship of the Kansas ProStart Invitational®. During this event, students from various schools, including Garden City High School, demonstrated their culinary skills. Garden City High impressed the judges and won the Best Beef Dish Award at the competition held this spring in Wichita. This event plays a crucial role in nurturing the culinary ambitions of students.

The Beef Certificate Program serves as a cornerstone for providing educators and students with the necessary resources to enhance their knowledge and skills in beef preparation. Through such initiatives, KBC aims to empower the next generation of culinary experts with a strong foundation in beef-related culinary arts.

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