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KARL welcomes new leadership class

KARL welcomes new leadership class

By Scout Nelson

The Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership (KARL) program recently held a dual celebration for its Class XVI graduates while announcing the next wave of participants, Class XVII, who are poised to begin their leadership journey later this year.

Jill Zimmerman, president of KARL, praised the success of the outgoing class and the promising future of the incoming group during the ceremonies.

This leadership program is designed to develop leaders for agriculture, business, and rural communities, providing a rigorous two-year curriculum that includes hands-on seminars, national and international study tours, and extensive networking opportunities.

Graduates of the program transition from Associates to Fellows, joining an alumni network that nearly numbers 500.

Class XVI's graduation served as both a capstone for their achievements and a kickoff for Class XVII, with activities designed to foster connections and begin the leadership experience.

The event featured keynote speaker Doug Griffiths, author and community development expert, who shared insights on enhancing community success.

The curriculum for the incoming class will include various educational tours across Kansas, a national study tour to Washington, D.C., and the Gettysburg Leadership Experience, as well as an international study tour to Brazil, providing them with a global perspective on agricultural issues.

Among the new class members are individuals from diverse backgrounds across Kansas, each bringing unique perspectives to the challenges and opportunities in agriculture and rural development.

The KARL program continues to support these leaders as they prepare to make significant contributions to their communities and the broader agricultural sector.

For more information about the KARL program interested individuals can contact Jill Zimmerman at 785-532-6300, email, or visit the program's website at

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