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New law improves pesticide standards in Kansas

New law improves pesticide standards in Kansas

By Scout Nelson

Recently Governor Laura Kelly signed House Bill 2607, a significant update to the Kansas Pesticide Law, during a ceremony attended by key legislators and leaders from various Kansas agriculture organizations. This bill, crucial for the state's agricultural sector, ensures continued safety and effectiveness in pesticide management.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) will maintain its important role in pesticide regulation, thanks to HB 2607. This legislation enhances the framework for the licensure, training, and certification of pesticide businesses, dealers, and applicators across the state.

“Legislators, state agencies, and industry stakeholders worked diligently together to achieve this all-encompassing piece of legislation addressing pesticide use and application for future years,” said Representative Lisa Moser, vice chair of the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The bill was shaped with contributions from a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including those directly involved in the Kansas agriculture industry, legislative members, and pesticide applicators. It aims to expand education, streamline processes, and align with standards mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“I appreciate how we were able to collaborate with KDA and others in the Kansas agriculture industry to make amendments in the House to address stakeholder concerns and make this bill work for Kansas,” noted Representative Sydney Carlin, the ranking minority leader of the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Following the bill’s enactment, the KDA pesticide and fertilizer team will develop new regulations to guide licensed pesticide businesses and applicators more clearly. The KDA will partner with K-State Research and Extension to create updated training and testing materials as specified in the bill.

These initiatives will enhance the regulation and safe use of pesticides, safeguarding both agricultural workers and the wider community in Kansas.

This legislative update marks a proactive step towards modernizing pesticide use in Kansas, ensuring it meets current needs and safety standards effectively.

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